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iCare Exclusive Interview with Legacy Real Estate of FloridaLasha Boree - Founder/Owner

Lasha Boree is the founder and owner of Legacy Real Estate of Florida. Lasha has built a successful business, proudly incorporating the names of people and stories important in her life.

Lasha lived in Turkey while her father, who served with the US Army was stationed there. When her parents separated, her mom moved back to the states with Lasha and her three siblings. Since her grandparents, John and Anne Bond, lived in Okeechobee and owned Lakeshore Restaurant and Truck Stop, that is where the family settled.

A few years later her mother married Edward Boree, who worked in citrus and cattle. Lasha said, “It was my honor to call him Daddy, he walked daily with God and instilled that in all of us. He raised me, never let me down, and became a strong foundation in my life.” Edward died in January 2021.

In 2000 Lasha began doing title work with a local title company and then a law firm. In 2014 after becoming a Realtor and, ultimately, a Broker, she went into business for herself, establishing Legacy Real Estate. She said, “My training in fields with a strong legal base gave me the benefit of viewing real estate predominately from a legal aspect.”

She wanted the name of the business to reflect the things taught to her by her Daddy and to honor her grandfather, Lacy Hancock, whom she calls the two most Godly men in her life and said, “even though I never met my Grandfather I have the utmost respect for him.”

She developed a strong love for her grandfather, Lacy, when she read the letters he wrote to her grandmother when he was in Europe during WWII. She noted that when someone is gone away for months, letters always speak from the heart. From those letters, she learned what a loving man he was and what God and his family meant to him. Lacy was killed in Germany on March 15, 1945. Her mother created the name, Lasha, as a derivative of her grandfather’s name. Legacy also includes his name.

The Legacy Real Estate logo is visually designed as an anchor lying across a key. She created it because she was given 3 keys on a keychain that belonged to Lacy. One of these keys was used in the design. The anchor is also a cross and represents an old hymn her Daddy would often sing: ‘In times like these you need an anchor.’

Realtors with Legacy are Garry Smith, a friend of more than 20 years, David Perdomo; Gary Joiner, who has experience with Agricultural properties; Tonya Tyson, who has extensive knowledge in new construction and Jared Mobley, whose knowledge of business operations are instrumental in commercial transactions.

Lasha said, “The Legacy Real Estate philosophy is, “If you work ethically and honestly that is the reputation you will have in your town. In a small community, your reputation is most important. Our office works well together and gets along like a family.” Lasha said, “The real estate business is not just a matter of getting a license and selling homes and property.” Each person working at Legacy takes multiple courses, in addition to required continuing education, to be current and up to date on new rules, regulations, and various topics to assist their buyers and sellers.

In 2016 Lasha received her certification as an International Property Specialist which is a designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors.

Lasha’s other interests include serving as the State Republican Committeewoman for Okeechobee County. She was also our county’s chairperson for the Trump campaign in 2016. She is a member of Treasure Island Baptist Church, and revels in the joy of spoiling her eight grandchildren.

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