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Angel Chavez, Owner/Editor

Angel Chavez: Connecting Communities Through iCare Community MagazineAngel Chavez, the visionary behind iCare Community Magazine, draws inspiration from the close-knit neighborhoods of his South American hometown. His belief that a strong community thrives on interconnectedness led to the creation of this remarkable publication.

iCare Community Magazine serves as a bridge between local professionals and the residents of The Treasure Coast and Okeechobee. Here’s a glimpse into its journey:

Inception and Philosophy:

Angel Chavez’s memories of feeling secure in a tight-knit community fueled his mission.

He envisioned a platform where professionals could share their stories, expertise, and knowledge.

Editions and Impact:

The PSL (Port St. Lucie) edition of iCare debuted in April 2013, followed by the MC (Martin County) edition in January 2014. iCareCommunity Editions, Print and Digital reach: Hobe Sound, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Sailfish Point, Palm City, Port St Lucie Est, Port St Lucie West, Tradition and Okeechobee.

All editions have thrived, weaving together inspiring narratives of professionals who leave a lasting mark on their communities.

iCare Community Magazine is more than ink on paper; it’s a testament to the power of connection and shared experiences. Explore its pages, and you’ll discover a wealth of wisdom, advice, and heartfelt testimonials.

Visit to delve into the vibrant world of iCareCommunityMagazine.

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