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Family Dentistry of Okeechobee - Confidently Moving Forward

2021 has had it share of challenges for everyone. Here at Family Dentistry we decided there was no better time to confidently invest in the future.

An office wide renovation was undertaken to expand and improve all patient experience areas in the month of May. In three short weeks a crew working around the clock gutted the main areas of the office and remodeled it from the ground up.

Dr. L was intent on delivering a space for her patients that felt and looked like a peaceful dental spa. From the moment you enter it’s clear this is not your usual dental office. State of the art technologies are showcased in the nine dental suites.

Bringing private areas to the space was also of paramount importance in this redesign.

A beautiful glass consultation room is useful to address future treatment needs and planning long awaited smiles.

Family Dentistry is always pursuing innovative ways to make patients feel less stressful, at ease in the dental environment. From personalized five star service to the latest in quality care all while impacting our community one patient at a time.

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