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Finding Your Decorating Style

Do you find yourself saving home décor inspiration on social media that’s all over the board? Or maybe you struggle with purchasing new furniture or art pieces for your home. With so many different trends and styles to pick from, we know it can be a challenge to figure out just which direction to take.

Especially when buying or building a new home, decorating can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Here are a few tips in determining your decorating style:

Get Magazine Inspiration

While print might sometimes seem like a thing of the past, a home décor magazine can be a good place to start in identifying the styles that you like. While Pinterest and other sites can be helpful, there is such a wide variety of images that it is often hard to narrow down on particular designs. You might start by choosing a magazine and tearing out any pages that you are especially drawn to. Then analyze what the common elements and themes are in the pages that you chose. This will help you to identify what styles you are drawn to.

Take Interior Design Quizzes

There is a plethora of interior design quizzes that you can take online to see if you are headed in the right direction in finding your decorating style. Take a few different quizzes and compare your answers. Do your answers line up, or do you need a little more help identifying your style? Either way, read on!

Assess Your Wardrobe

It might seem odd to think that there may be a correlation between the way you dress and your home décor style.

But the truth is, that our clothes are often one of the greatest ways in which we express ourselves. Do you dress more daring or conservatively? Are you drawn to bold patterns and bright colors or do you stick to the neutrals? You should dress your home like you dress yourself! Establish what colors you are most comfortable with and what style matches your personality – elegant, classic, whimsical, etc.

Look at Home Exteriors

Having a hard time deciding how to describe yourself? Another way to find the answer to this question is by looking at what home exteriors make you the most excited. When you drive around what homes do you just love? Some people are drawn to traditional older brick homes, others keep their eye on minimalist or modern homes. Knowing what you like on the exterior of a home can help inform the decorating decisions you make on the inside.

Inventory Your Current Décor

Lastly, take a look at the décor you already have. There is a chance that your taste has changed over the years. But what are the items that you still like and what are the things you wish you could replace? Use the existing décor that you like as a starting point for designing the room or your entire home.

No matter your style, your home design should reflect you! So, don’t be afraid to try new things and make your space somewhere you enjoy being.

We hope this article is helpful in pinpointing your own home décor style. Now it’s time to get started! Whether you’re building or buying, your new home is a blank canvas.

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