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Spring Home Improvement Projects to Get Ready for Summer

Springtime means it’s time to watch baseball, plant flowers and enjoy the outdoors. For homeowners, it also means it’s time to start making a home maintenance checklist in preparation for the warm, wet months ahead. But before you start making checkmarks, let’s compare notes. Here’s a list of essential spring home improvement projects to help you prepare for the summer months:

1. Gutter Replacement

Before April showers bring May flowers, make sure to take a look at your gutters. A correctly installed gutter system is vital for not only water transfer and drainage, but for the structure of the house. Installing gutters is a simple process, however, the technique depends on the gutter type. There are two basic types. These include k-style and halfround.

So, if you’re replacing your gutters, be sure to arrange the new system the same way as the old one.

2. Deck Upgrades

Next up on the home maintenance checklist is to see if your deck needs an upgrade. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain a deck because it is constantly exposed to outside elements. It can take a beating during the snowy and rainy months. So, if you want to enjoy your deck in the summer, make sure you do the proper maintenance. Begin by checking the structure and frame. Things to look for include cracks or rotten decking boards and loose nails. As you are cleaning up you deck, take a look underneath it. If you see deterioration, it’s a good idea to replace those parts sooner rather than later.

3. Air Conditioning Inspection

Keeping up with your air conditioning unit will not only save you energy, but also extend its lifespan, thus saving you money in the long run. It’s smart to have a contractor do pre-season check-ups, and the best time to schedule a check-up is early spring.

Typical maintenance includes:

• Checking the thermostat settings

• Lubricating all moving parts

• Checking and inspecting the condensate drain

• Checking the controls of the system

4. Repair Your Roof

Taking a look at your roof is crucial for your spring home maintenance checklist. A roof may be considered the most important element of your house. It keeps you dry along with everything else in your home. Common repairs include swapping shingles, fixing curled corners, and repairing cracked shingles. If you see a problem, no matter how small it may seem, it’s best not to ignore it because it could potentially turn into a bigger one.

5. Replace Your Siding

Siding is a vital building material for your home. It not only protects your house from harsh elements, but it also gives your house character and value. Replacing your siding can be a major upgrade in your home’s appearance, but sometimes it’s not an easy decision to make. There are many siding options to choose from, all of which have their own benefits.

Three basic types include metal, fiber-cement and wood. No matter which siding material you use, be sure to consider the reliability, cost, ongoing maintenance, and environmental responsibility.

As you are completing your spring home improvement checklist, consider renting a roofing dumpster for shingles, siding or anything else that needs to come off your house. A roll off dumpster is a cheap and convenient way to remove materials and keep your yard spotless.

These are just a few spring home improvement projects, but together they are a great springboard for summer. We hope our home maintenance checklist will help you get ready for the summer months.

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