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St. Lucie iCare Exclusive – At Last! The Secret to Easy Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

It is well-known that diet and exercise are the paths to a healthier, slimmer body, but what can older, injured, or otherwise impaired people do to lose weight and get their dream figure?

That’s the question that Dr. Tred Rissacher at Slim Body Laser Spa sought to answer when he founded his laser lipo weight loss clinic in Stuart, Florida. He wanted to offer people a fast and easy way to lose weight and help with the underlying health issues of being overweight.

Dr. Tred’s treatment typically works to maximum effect after only three weeks and nine treatment sessions. Dr. Tred sets up a free consultation at Slim Body Laser Spa for anyone interested in the service, then puts them on a schedule designed to work the weight loss magic quickly while allowing the body

to recover and burn those calories between treatment sessions.


Dr. Tred uses an FDA-cleared laser lipo device to target the areas of a patients’ body that carry the most fat. The goal is to get the fat cells that hold subcutaneous fat (simply, ‘under the skin’ fat) to release the fat, which is then flushed from the body naturally. This type of fat usually congregates in a few areas of the body, such as around the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Subcutaneous fat can also accumulate in other areas, such as the arms, back, or chin, causing unsightly bulges in the wrong places.

The beauty of Dr. Tred’s laser lipo device at Slim Body Laser Spa is that it can be targeted on almost any area of the body, so the treatment is always fully customizable to each client. For this reason, Dr. Tred always offers first-time patients a free consultation to identify problem areas and develop a treatment plan specifically for them.

Each session is thirty to forty minutes depending on the patient. At the end of three weeks and nine sessions, you can expect to lose between one to four inches of girth.


Another exciting feature of Dr. Tred’s laser lipo system is that you don’t need to diet or exercise to maintain the results after treatment. Because the laser lipo device can be targeted to specific areas of the body, simply walking occasionally and avoiding excessive amounts of junk food will give you excellent results on your scale and your body shape.

Weight loss can be extremely difficult for people of any age or condition, but often it becomes

more difficult when you have movement issues or dietary restrictions. Dr. Tred offers an alternative to the thousands of weight loss plans out there by giving you the power to sculpt your body and lose weight for good in only three weeks. If you start to notice the subcutaneous fat creeping into your abdomen, legs, or arms again, Dr. Tred offers discount pricing in his Alumni Program for previous customers coming in for touch-ups. For more information and to book your free consultation, contact Dr. Tred today.

Dr. Tred Rissacher went to Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Mo. and graduated in 1988. He had been in private practice in NY since 1989 and has practiced here in South Florida since 2003.

Dr. Rissacher believes in all things natural and the use of cold lasers to help people get rid of pain and help lose belly fat is in alignment with his principles. Dr. Tred Rissacher has been providing cold laser therapy services for over 12 years in his office. The Lapex BCS 2000 is an FDA cleared device for pain and inflammation and deep tissue heating for the relief of minor muscle aches, pains and spasms. It is also being used off label to reduce subcutaneous fat. In 9 sessions or three weeks many people will lose 3-9 inches of belly fat when using the Lapex Lipo Laser.

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