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Play Golf to Help Relieve Stress

Golf for stress relief is even suggested by some doctors.

Many ardent golfers would argue that the four or so hours spent each weekend out on their favorite course is their way of putting (or putting) themselves back together again for the week ahead.

There is fresh air to breathe, some walking (even for cart users), time spent in nature, and even meditation involved if you count focusing attention on a little white ball. And golf is most likely one of the most zen sports there is with it’s “less is more” scoring method.

At the same time, there are more websites on the internet offering information for golfers on how to overcome stress caused by golf than there are sites exuding the benefits of golf for stress reduction.

Is golf to blame for creating more stress than it cures? I think not! It really has less to do with the game and a lot to do with the player!

For some, golf is indeed a relaxing and stress relieving pastime. For others, its a way to crank up the stress level even higher than it was at the office during the week.

You can learn a lot about a person by playing a round of golf with them. Their true personality will be revealed.

If you are a golfer here are some questions to ask yourself to see if golf is good for you as a stress reliever.

1. When you golf do you curse a lot? Or mutter to yourself when you make a bad shot?

2. Do you ever throw your club or bang it hard on the ground when you duff?

3. Do you ever find yourself saying things like “I’ll never play this stupid game ever again!”

4. Do you do ever cheat a little (or a lot) to improve your score? Like giving you ball a little kick to get a better lie?

5. Is shaving strokes off your handicap one of your most important goals in life?

If you scored a “NO” on all of the above, golf is most likely a great way for you to de-stress.

If you a “YES” to two or more of the above questions you probably experience some stress when golfing. If all five questions got a “YES” from you, not only is golf stressful for you but you could be addicted to both golf and stress.

However, you probably won’t quit and do something different to relieve your stress, so be sure to carry that aspirin in your golf bag, just in case.

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