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Kids TAG ART Project

Nothing brings people together like community projects benefiting our children. Sharing resources for the united cause can be powerful, commanding, and very awarding, so it’s not surprising that the Kids TAG ART project from its conception found many dedicated partners and enthusiasts that made it possible to carry the program.

Although, COVID-19 has changed the landscape of many of our day- to- day operations, the Tax Collector’s office stands committed to the Kids TAG ART program. With growing attention to the project under the leadership of Ruth Pietruszewski, the Martin County Tax Collector’s office has successfully completed its second and now into its 3rd year, over $ 8.000 has been donated to the elementary schools’ art programs.

We are proud of our partnership developed with Martin County School District and local businesses in working towards a common goal - supporting art education. Thanks to the program, schools are receiving much needed help in funding art classrooms, and our children have a rare opportunity to showcase their talents and aptitude. Fifth grade students are given an opportunity to design their own vanity plates and compete for awards. Each season, a judging committee selects winners of the specialty awards in the following categories: Life is better by the water, Catch of the day, Award of Distinction, and Behind the Badge; schools’ principals nominate for the “Principal’s Award and the Tax Collector personally views hundreds of submitted designs to select the Tax Collector’s Choice Award. Winners are recognized during the Award Ceremony hosted in the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast.

The program is a special recognition of artistic talent and creative minds. It has been proven time and time again that some of today’s best scientists, thinkers and problem-solvers have a connection to art. Be it the visual, performance or literary arts, their foundation for a creative mind began when they saw the possibilities through creative expression. Kids Tag Art teaches children creative problem-solving, and that is the number 1 skill that fortune 500 companies look for to hire.

All submitted designs are available for purchase @ and profits from the sale and sponsorship’s money are distributed to the participating schools. Thanks to the Tax Collector’s office initiative, our 5th grade students have been a part of a program that has raised close to $ 1.5 million across Florida State. Over the last two years, the Kids TAG ART program in Martin County has attracted, amongst the others, the local chapter of the Arts Council and the Children’s Museum to produce new initiatives: An Activity Booth for the children during the Art Fest, and Civic Sessions which are a part of the summer camp programs at the Children’s museum.

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