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6 Great Holiday Gifts Under $300 for 2020

Just like everything else in 2020, the holidays are going to be weird and different this year - and a lot of us will be avoiding frequent trips to the store and instead looking online for gifts for friends and family.

The $100-to-$250 range could be a sweet spot to find a thoughtful present that sparks joy without wreaking havoc on your gift budget. In this article, you’ll find a 5 ideas in our picks for the best gifts under $250.

Solo Stove Ranger

Upgrade Your Fire Pit - $195.00

Backyard fire pits have been a keystone for social activity during the COVID-19 era - and this is the best of them, hands-down. Built from durable stainless steel, and with a vented design that promotes air flow, the Solo Stove produces a beautiful and deeply warming fire with very little smoke or airborne ash. (Perhaps best of all, your clothes do not reek of smoke the morning after.) Available in three sizes and prices, this is a slam dunk holiday gift for any fire pit enthusiast.

Traxxas Stampede RC Monster Truck

Seriously Fun - $170.00

If you’re looking to get your kids offline and out of the house -- or want to feel like a kid yourself again -- the Traxxas Stampede is cool (and fast) enough to get anyone to look up from their phone. With a top speed in the 30mph range, this high-performance remote control monster truck can roll over a variety of terrain and, courtesy of its waterproof electronics, through any mud puddle. I laughed and howled like a 10-year-old during my first few test rides.

Though there’s a little bit of a learning curve -- you’ll need to bone up on lithium polymer batteries and recharging peripherals -- it’s no more complicated than setting up a new smartphone. (An entry-level LiPo battery and charger combo will run you another $60 or so.) And beginners will also benefit from the truck’s “training mode,” which cuts its considerable speed in half to help you cultivate your handling skills. But if you do wreck your rig, it’s OK: Traxxas is known for its reasonable replacement parts and repair fees.

Bose Frames Tempo

Sunglasses with Wireless Headphones Built-In - $249.00

New for 2020, Bose has just released its second-generation Frames. Yes, they are sunglasses with wireless headphones builtin. They also sound incredibly good. We really like the Tempo style (shown previous page), but you can also opt for the Tenor or Soprano styles instead.

Apple AirPods Pro

True Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds - $194.00

Since dropping in price during Amazon Prime Day, the Apple AirPods are easier to recommend as a killer pair of wireless in-ear headphones. With a winning design and fit, solid sound quality and bass performance, and very effective noise canceling, they’re excellent for making calls and listening to music -- even during a workout. They also now offer an amazing spatial audio feature when used with compatible Apple devices -- something you won’t find on other true wireless headphones.

Casper Glow (2-pack)

For Easier Sleep - $229.00

The Glow lamp is a highly portable, rechargeable nightlight that’s undeniably beautiful, easy to setup and pleasant to use. It’s will become an integral part of your family’s bedtime routine. You will use them every night and take them with you wherever you go. (And that’s another thing - they’re surprisingly tough.)

Thanks to its built-in gyroscope, you flip the Glow over to turn it on and off, twist it to dim it up or down or shake it to trigger the low nightlight setting. The lamp produces a pleasant ambient glow - hence the name - that dims gradually over 15 to 60 minutes. You can control the span using Casper’s streamlined iOS and Android compatible app, and set the light to come on in the morning – a reverse nightlight, of sorts.

Apple Watch Series SE

The Best Apple watch Value - $270.00

The most affordable Apple Watch ever released, the Apple Watch SE boasts a more powerful processor, a Retina display that’s 30% larger than the Series 3’s display and support for Apple’s new Family Setup plan. Amazon’s $20 discount gets us close enough to $250 to include here. But the Apple Watch Series 3 is currently selling for $169, making it the least expensive option in the current lineup.

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