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Tradition Prep High School - An Innovative New High School Coming to St Lucie County

Tradition Preparatory High School has broken ground! Tradition Prep High School, a sister school of Renaissance Charter School of St Lucie and Renaissance Charter School of Tradition, is set to open August 2021. All three schools are managed by Charter Schools USA, a leader in Charter School Education.

As a charter high school, Tradition Prep High will give families a choice beyond their zoned high schools. “A charter school allows for students to go to the school that is actually best for them - maybe the curriculum, or the size of the classroom or the uniform policy or what not. So, these are the things that are uniquely designed to give the parent the choice and the student the custom education that best fits their learning style and the results that they are looking for” explains Jon Hage, Charter School USA CEO.

At Tradition Preparatory High School, they are committed to helping students discover their passions and developing these passions through academic programming and extra-curricular opportunities which prepares students for college, career and life. These college, career and life skills are taught through Tradition Prep’s WISH Model which focuses on wellness, innovation, science and health.

Within the WISH Model, Tradition Prep will offer students an opportunity to earn college credits through the AICE program and AP classes. Students completing the required coursework in both could graduate with an AICE diploma and an AP diploma earning them the top level of the state’s Bright Future Scholarship.

What make the school standout to others in the area is the programming.


The programs the high school will be showcasing are designed to support students physically, emotionally and socially. A balanced high school experience ensures graduates are well rounded and successful both academically and personally.

The school will feature:

• On-site health and wellness programs

• Diverse physical education and personal health curriculum

• Internationally acclaimed social and emotional learning curriculum called Attitude is Altitude

• Extracurricular activities and competitive sports program options

• College guidance and support for students and families that include college prep workshops, summer camps and continual college/career guidance


The WISH model pushes the boundaries of traditional high school by incorporating innovation and technology throughout the educational experience. The state-of-the-art facility is designed like no other high school in the area. Students will have 1:1 technology and unlike traditional high schools, students and families will be interviewed as part of the onboarding process and throughout the student’s journey to ensure alignment between our students’ passions and their school schedule and opportunities.

Actively engaged community partners that provide hands-on opportunities within the educational experience for students to explore and discover their passions is also a key component of the model. These partnerships will help the school stand out from traditional high schools and engage the student’s in a whole new way.


Tradition Prep High School will provide a number of academic and career-focused opportunities for students to explore science and medical pathways that help them succeed personally, academically and professionally.

Accelerated course options will be available to provide opportunities for student to earn over 40 college credits as well as career certification and internship opportunities, in areas such as Biomedicine through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and partnerships.

Principal, Teresa Brown, has stressed that Tradition Prep will tailor an education that focuses on stage not age and promotes a project-based teaching approach that encourages collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.


A parent coming to an information session to learn about the high school, will hear Principal Teresa Brown speak on her high school experience. The principal reflects that participating in sports helped her to develop life skills and leadership skills. She wants that same experience for her students. The school will offer a full array of athletics, clubs and organization and building off the success of sister school, Renaissance Charter of St Lucie, a full performing arts department. The school will be the first in St Lucie County to have its own Black Box Theatre. Brown is very focused on helping students discover their interest and creating an environment where students enjoy school, as well as have the traditional high school experience which is a driving factor in the after-school offerings. The principal has stated the school will offer the clubs, organizations, sports and arts options that students want to participate in and explore.

Tradition Prep High School is being built in the Tradition community behind Renaissance Charter at Tradition. The high school will open with 9th and 10th graders and is set to open in August 2021.

The mission of Tradition Preparatory High School is to provide an innovative learning experience for students throughout the Treasure Coast. The unique WISH teaching model focuses on building 21st century skills with a holistic approach to the whole child. With a purposeful balance of Wellness, Innovation, Science and Health graduates are prepared for a world of possibilities in college, careers, and life. In addition to core academic curriculum, students are supported with their mental and physical well-being.

Tradition Prep is a tuition-free, 9-12 public charter high school, now enrolling grades 9 and 10. There are not any limits to zoning or neighborhood restrictions. All 9th and 10th grade students who live in the Treasure Coast area are encouraged to apply online at For any questions or additional information please email

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