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The Inside Track: Nostalgia – They don’t build them like they used to.

How many of us remember how far we have come with automobiles and what we now expect our cars to perform do in respect to cold starting and braking. I bet many of you have forgotten where our journey with cars started.

My memory can take be back to the late 60’s, for many though it may go back to even earlier times. There was a time when just starting cars involved some skill and prayer.

Does everyone recall pumping the gas pedal 3 times before starting on a cold morning? Then feathering the pedal to keep the engine running.

My first job was working at a local gas station in our town, Libertyville Illinois. I remember vividly my very first day. I was so nervous I was shaking, trying to listen to my boss, Bruce Rouse, while at the same time my first customer telling me to “fill it up with hi-test”. I survived that first day. Then I fell into the groove of providing memorable service to our customers as a gas station pump jockey. Cleaning all the windows, checking the oil and coolant. Filling up the tires to proper pressure. I checked ever thing on our customers cars with a smile, providing service that would make the car gods smile.

Those days of looking over automobiles while getting fuel are long gone. Cars back then needed more attention. Brakes wore out in no time and tune ups were needed every 20 thousand miles.

Tires always seemed to be losing air. We always were having to adjust the choke on the carburetor. Thank goodness automobiles have advanced to provide us a safe environment to travel in and a service schedule that gives us longer intervals.

Crown Car Care provides modern technology with old fashioned service. Do you long for the good old days? We can help you with that. Do you need help setting the clock on your radio? Do you have questions on how things work? If you have never given us a try, test drive our service. Come in for an oil change. We will check the entire car over just like I have written about. Please have a super new year and let’s keep your car smiling.

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