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September's The Inside Track

By Todd Harris

Happy August for most school has started and we entering into a beautiful fall. With that comes more rain. Rain has a way of washing oil and grime imbedded in road to the top. This can create a slippery surface that if not prepared for can cause a hazard while driving your vehicle.

Oil and grease will decrease your traction with the tires on your car or truck. I say this because this month I am going to talk about tires and how important it is to properly maintain them for maximum performance. Immediately the first thought is the tire tread but several other factors come into play as well.

Tires need tread for them to do their proper job of providing maximum traction without skids or slipping. Proper tire inflation and overall tire condition also come into play here. Tire balance is another item to consider.

To keep tires happy you need Tread: the tread on the tire must be the proper depth and design. Bald tires will never work properly nor will a snow tire be good for safety and performance here in Florida.

Inflation: How much air is in your tire is that important, too little or too much can inhibit traction. Stop by either of our locations and we will fill them and inspect for safety with a contagious smile!

Balance: At Crown we have brand new top of the line Hunter road force balancers at both locations. An out of balance tire can cause an annoying vibration and at worse a safety issue. We would love to balance them for you.

Condition: how old are your tires; are the dry rotting form UV sun damage? Is there a funny wear pattern on them, you may need an alignment? Is there puncture damage or sidewall damage, we can help.

If you need to purchase new tires we can steer you into a good set of “skins”. If you need a slow leak r repaired, we can repair it for you. If you need a balance job, we can do it. If you need an alignment, our skilled technicians can provide that service.

Stop by or call us at Crown Car Care, we will make your tires stick to the road while at the same time providing you a smooth ride.

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