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September, 2021 - The U.S. Constitution

By Dr. Brenda Macmenamin, DCE, Professor, Christian Leadership University

Did you hear that Pocahontas was never in love with John Smith? The truth is, she fell in love with John Rolf, and was married to him with her father, Chief Powhatan’s blessing.

Pocahontas, being a Princess and a believer, worked to begin a school in Virginia to teach her people about Jesus. (Read Odyssey of Faith by Chris Evans.)

The Indians of New York embraced the Gospel and strongly impacted the early colonists. An Iroquois Indian then witnessed to the Flathead tribe of Oregon. Five of their tribe journeyed three thousand miles for the “Book that told truly of the Great Spirit, and of that home and the trail to it.” This is from one of their wise men:

“I came to you over a trail of many moons from the setting sun. You (General Clark) were the friend of my fathers who have all gone the long way. I came with one eye partly opened, for more light for my people, who sit in darkness. I go back with both eyes closed. How can I go back blind, to my blind people?

I made my way to you with strong arms, through many enemies and strange lands, that I might carry back much to them. I go back with both arms broken and empty. The two fathers who came with us- the braves of many winters and wars- we leave asleep here by your great water and wigwam. They were tired in many moons, and their moccasins wore out. My people sent me to get the white man’s Book of Heaven... You make my feet heavy with burdens of gifts, and my moccasins will grow old in carrying them, but the Book is not among them. When I tell my poor, blind people, after on more snow, in the big council, that I did not bring the Book, no words will be spoken by old men or by our young braves. One by one they will rise and go out in silence. My people will die in darkness, and they will go on the long path to the other hunting grounds. No white man will go with them and no white man’s Book, to make the way plain. I have not more words.”

Have you ever seen such intensity to know and behold Truth? According to the story documented by William Barrows, a clerk overheard this conversation and sent missionaries there to translate the Bible in their Flathead language for them.

One more Indian trailblazer for Truth and righteousness is Dr. Chief Negiel Bigpond. He has labored tirelessly to heal, deliver, teach, and unite Americans. His word, which echoes in my ears along with the wise man of the Flatheads, “Always go forward, never look your past victories, or your past defeats.”

Father, help us as we seek You and treasure Your Supernatural Ways again.

Dr. Brenda MacMenamin, DCE High School American History and American GOV & Ec online. Foundation for American Christian Education, Master Teacher, Teaching every subject delightfully from the Word of God!

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