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How to Exercise During the Hot Days in Florida

It may be hot and humid in South Florida right now, but you can still get exercise and stay healthy. Whether you are indoors or outdoors (yes, outdoors!) you should be aware that staying hydrated is really important. With the recent news that heart-related conditions in the U.S. are rising, exercise is especially important to men’s health as well as that of women, so consider some of these temperature-friendly ideas.

Indoor Gym

You can still do the treadmill, weights or cycle in the cool temperatures of your favorite gym. Taking your fitness routine inside is a smart move and a great way to stay cool while not skipping those tough workouts. You can also use the indoor courts to play squash or racquetball if you enjoy outdoor tennis when it’s cooler.

Outdoor Running, Biking and Walking

The first rule here is hydration. Drink water before, during and after your outside exercise. Take that bottle of water with you or know beforehand where you can stop for water.

According to, you should be exercising in the morning and avoid being outside in the early afternoon. Wear lightweight clothing that is loose-fitting; consider fabrics that wick away the moisture. Wear sunglasses, a visor and a sunscreen that is sweat-resistant.

Those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic disease should check with their doctor before beginning an outdoor exercise workout. There are certain medications or supplements that can make you feel even hotter, such as beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, ace inhibitors, ace receptor blockers and diuretics, so be aware of this.

If you do decide on outdoor fitness, such as running or biking, do it with a friend to be extra safe, while adding to the fun. Also, limit the time you spend outdoors in hot weather.

Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion when exercising in hot weather. If you notice any of these, get hydrated, stop exercising and get out of the heat.

• Nausea or vomiting

• Muscle cramps

• Fatigue

• Weakness

• Headache

• Dizziness or feeling light-headed

These are just some of the symptoms. Even if you are playing a game of basketball or walking, you want to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Water Fun

Those who enjoy the water can learn a water sport, such as windsurfing, standup paddleboarding (SUP) or kite surfing.

You don’t need a boat for these sports and you can always jump or fall in the water to cool off.

Mornings are the best time to get out there before the sun gets hot. Take lessons if you haven’t done these sports before and always wear a safety vest. If possible, do these fun activities with a buddy.

You can also kayak or row to get morning exercise on the water while exploring new waterways and discovering nature. The sight of birds and beasts can take your mind off the temperatures.

The more adventurous can learn diving, where staying cool underwater is a given.

Both women’s and men’s health can benefit from exercise when the thermometer rises. As far as staying fit during the summer months, there is no reason to sit at home and ignore your fitness routine when the weather is hot unless you have a home gym.

Indoor yoga, dance and other activities can get you moving about while having fun. Enroll in a daytime dance class, such as Latin dancing, to increase your skills and participate in the high-energy nightlife that southern Florida offers.

Get your fitness on, even during Southern Florida’s hottest days.

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