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Dr. Zachary Viens joins the #FD team alongside Dr. Shiflet & Dr. Laskey

Hi Dr. V, please give our readers a short introduction.

I was born and raised here, and I graduated from Okeechobee High School. I have known I wanted to be a dentist since I was in high school, it was always something I was passionate about.

After graduating dental school, I decided to move back to my hometown and practice at Family Dentistry of Okeechobee.

I have been a long-time family friend of Dr. Laskey, I actually shadowed directly with her and Dr. Davis while in my undergraduate program at the University of Florida. They have been my providers since I was in elementary school, so coming back feels very full circle. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Health Science at the University of Florida and obtained my Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic medicine. When I am not at the office, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and playing the electric guitar.

When and why did you move to Okeechobee?

I recently moved back to Okeechobee to join the team at Family Dentistry. This has always been home and apart from the time I spent away completing my undergraduate and doctorate degrees I have always lived here. I have known Dr. Laskey for many years, so coming back to work with her and the Family Dentistry team was a natural choice. Being a part of this community, I have seen the benefits of a small town, so I’m excited to be back and serve it in a meaningful way.

Tell us about your family.

My parents are both Okeechobee natives. (Cathy Scroggins & Scott Viens) I have two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. Between my two siblings I have four nieces and one nephew who are very dear to me, so plenty of little ones to keep family gatherings interesting!

What do you love about what you do?

I enjoy being able to get to know people, to earn their trust and help them achieve their health goals. A healthy smile is so important for a multitude of reasons! It is my pleasure to be a part of the process. My profession gives me the opportunity to support my community. I also love working with the team at Family Dentistry because we really do go above and beyond for all of our patients. Having a great team makes everything better!

Please give us a short story about how you have used dentistry to help people.

I think a big aspect of my approach to dentistry is trying to understand my patient’s underlying problems that have led to dental issues, that way we can achieve lasting results. I focus on really taking the time to talk to the patient and educate them so that we don’t just fix a tooth and move on. I prefer to address the root cause and resolve it so the patient can enjoy many years of dental health moving forward. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment”, and that’s a philosophy I try to live by when treating patients.

What are your future plans at Family Dentistry?

I plan to continue working with the great team here at Family Dentistry to provide the best possible dental care for our patients. Everyone on our team aims for excellence, so it is truly a great place to practice dentistry. I could not ask for a better environment to pursue growth and learning.

What is your philosophy on business and life?

While working hard and providing great treatment is essential, making time for your personal life is also very important. Work, life, balance, I cannot stress this enough. While sometimes challenging to juggle it all together, this is the secret to a happy and sustainable life. It is hard to pour out your passion from an empty cup! Another reason while personal development and rejuvenation time should be highly prioritized.

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