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COVID-19 And Its Impact On Property Values

Many people are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on property values. Because Florida law requires our office to value properties reflecting market conditions as of January 1, 2020, impacts due to COVID-19 will not be reflected in the upcoming 2020 property values, but rather they will be reflected in the 2021 property values. We are collecting data to analyze its impact on value, including sending questionnaires to commercial property owners asking them how COVID-19 has impacted their property value, including loss of rental income and increased vacancy rates. This information will be used by my office to analyze next year’s 2021 values.

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Beware of suspicious homestead website!

A suspicious website called recently advertised itself as a place for individuals to apply for the Florida homestead exemption. When applying, an image appeared misleading the user by representing itself as a local Florida county property appraiser website. The applicant was then asked to submit personal information including social security, driver’s license, and voter’s registration numbers. This website has been taken down. Homestead exemption in Martin County can only be filed with our office in person, by phone, by mail or online at our website: Click here to file online.

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