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Common Car A/C Problems

The Inside Track


The Florida heat can be tough on drivers when your air conditioner is not blowing cold. Here are some common issues:

Problem #1 - The Car is not cooling like normal – there is a range of potential reasons, from low refrigerant levels, leaks, compressor issues, condenser damage, and corrosion on seals or a/c components.

Problem #2 – The Air Feels Wet – if the air in your car feels damp and heavy and the humidity does not go down after the air has been running, the most likely cause is debris or moisture stuck inside the system. Flushing the cooling system is usually effective to solve this problem.

Problem #3 - You hear a Strange Noise - Any time you hear something out of the ordinary with your car, it is worth taking a closer look. Often strange noises form the a/c in your car could be from a loose or blocked fan. It can also indicate that your compressor is dying. Get this checked ASAP!

Problem #4 - Your Car Stinks- If your car has an unpleasant odor when the a/c is on, you may need to replace your air cabin filter, or you have mold in your evaporator case. Either one means you are probable breathing in something that is not food for you, so get it checked out!

It is always a good idea to implement a regular schedule for your vehicles maintenance to stay cool and not get stranded in a hot car!

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