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Clear Toll Violations and Buy a Sunpass all at the Same Time

Many times it is so much easier, quicker, and safer to reach your destination using a toll road. Taking a toll road equates to a more reliable and less stressful trip.

Toll roads provide large directional signs to direct you to the proper destination. No time is wasted getting lost on back roads or roads under construction. Signs guide you safely to your desired destination. If you break down on an isolated road who knows how long it will be before help finds you. Vehicle breakdowns are noticed by law enforcement who regularly patrol toll roads, and it’s easier to locate a disabled vehicle by using mile markers to get the required help there faster.

Rest areas are provided usually every 50 miles or less to allow you a quick stop to refresh, grab a snack, and get back on the road quickly not to slow down your destination arrival time.

There are many benefits from using toll roads, but the downside is that they come with a cost to use them. In old days, you had to stop at a toll booth to pay, but today’s high technology has given us transponders which register when the vehicle goes through the booth, so there is no stopping.

Tolls provide a sustainable source of revenue for ongoing road maintenance and improvement. Without those toll revenues, states would have to go without the vital road, bridge and tunnel infrastructures that those tolls support. Our highways are not free nor have they ever been. There are only toll roads and tax supported roads. A toll is a user fee, not a tax. Tolls establish a direct connection between the use of the road and payment for that use. Every road needs maintenance and reconstruction, and that costs money.

If your transponder doesn’t work, falls off the windshield, or the toll booth’s electronics doesn’t work, and many other reasons, you may receive a toll violation. If you do not pay that violation in the required time frame, a HOLD may be placed by the tolling authority on your registration renewal or your driver’s license. You may not know it until you go to the DMV to renew your tag or license. It creates a big inconvenience because you can’t renew until those toll violations are cleared. Because it creates so many other issues when you are unable to renew your tag or driver’s license, we have partnered with CFX tolling authorities to clear toll violations in our office for you.

Pick up your sun pass at all four of our offices, and when you need a toll violation cleared we are here ready and waiting to help you! Travel safely!

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