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An Exclusive Interview with Hass H. Bazzi, Owner of Eastport Pharmacy

Hi Hass, Please give us a brief introduction.

Sure I’d love to, I was born in Michigan. I still have family there too. I graduated from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan I am a Michigan State Spartan’s fan. I earned my Bachelors in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering and my Doctorate in Pharmacy. (Pharm D)

When and why did you move to the Treasure Coast?

My first move to Florida was to Miami. Family ties brought me to Miami. My brother was living in Miami. I worked in retail pharmacy for four years in Miami. I eventually moved to West Palm then migrated a bit further north to the beautiful Treasure Coast. Settling in Palm City and opening the Pharmacy in Port St. Lucie. Eastport Pharmacy was opened in 2014. I love this area and found that Port St. Lucie was very welcoming toward my Pharmacy, I’m happy to be a business owner and supporter of this beautiful city. I love the people of the community and have a genuine concern for everyone who comes to me for their pharmacy needs. I have built a great rapport with them. They really are like family to me and my staff.

Please tell us about your family.

I’m married with one child. Family is very important to me and as I said I have a brother in Miami and I do visit my remaining family in Michigan as often as possible.

What do you love about what you do?

I love that this is a true humanitarian career. It is a mix of pharmacology, retail business and sociology. The greatest part about it is when you help people in treating their medical conditions by explaining to them the purpose of the medication and how it can help them. I answer any and all questions a customer might have regarding their prescriptions. It’s important for them to know the best time to take their medications, with or without food, and that it’s necessary to finish all their medication and since often times I fill all of their prescribed scripts. I can be proactive in letting them know of any possible interactions with other medications they take. This is not something a large pharmacy chain does.

Can you give a short story about how your business has helped people?

We have turned the pharmacy experience into a true customer service experience. The pharmacy family here at EASTPORT is very caring, understanding and truly customer oriented. We fill each prescription with care and caution. I review each script and if I have a question. I personally call the Dr. when necessary to make sure the dose is appropriate and medication is correct. I often pick up on conflicting medicines their patients may be taking. One quick call can prevent an adverse reaction. When people come into this pharmacy they know they are going to treated with respect and genuine concern. I try my best to personally greet each customer with a “hello”.

What are your future plans?

Future plans include continuing to offer the BEST experience and to keep serving the community with the best pharmacological medicine and advice possible. I want to continue to protect our staff and the public as much as humanly possible. As you know, COV19 (Corona Virus) is now showing up in our state. EASTPORT Pharmacy will do everything in it’s power to be here and available when you need us most.

In the near future pharmacists will have a broader scope of diagnosing and prescribing medicines they will be able to offer. Such as, partnering closely with physicians in assisting them with treatment and prescribing medicines to treat such things as strep throat, common flu, sinusitis, common cold and possibly future testing for such viruses as covid19, by following CDC protocol. Congress is currently working on a bill for this.

Tell us your philosophy on business and life.

Life on this planet is not eternal, however, we have to live our life in a healthy way, both physically and spiritually. Take the time to do both. Business should be viewed as a means to support a healthy life style. Family needs to be a major priority along with a healthy lifestyle.

What is your best advice to the community?

Don’t panic! When it comes to the current pathogens and the “Coronavirus” in particular. We have to be diligent and careful to follow the CDC guidelines. When it comes to personal hygiene, sanitary measures and general public health rules abide by these requests so we all have a better chance at staying well.

Be sure to boost your immune system. Take appropriate supplements, vitamins and minerals. Stay active, get appropriate sleep, eat your fruits and vegetables and above all enjoy your life in the best country in the world.

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