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An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tred Rissacher, D.C.

If You have failed at weight loss before and cant seem to budge the scale a WELL PROVEN Laser Assisted Weight Loss Spa called Dr Tred’s Slim Body Laser Spa is the answer for you.


I’m Dr. Tred Rissacher, Having been a chiropractor for 25 years I was witness to many failures of weight loss programs. I have devoted my practice to helping people safely and effectively lose stubborn pounds and inches. When I started to develop symptoms of pre-diabetes due to my own excess weight gain, I first tried dieting and exercise, but the weight was just not coming off.

As a result of watching so many people struggle as well as myself, I purchased a Lipo laser machine and over the last few years began to develop the 9 treatment Lipo Laser Program. I have helped myself along with many satisfied patients not only lose stubborn fat and inches but reap the benefits in the form of improved health.

“I began the Laser program in 2012 and within 4 weeks I dropped 10 inches. I also lost 30 pounds in less than 6 weeks. Many health issues disappeared”. As of May 2014 I have lost an additional 10 pounds and 12 inches of fat. I am now enjoying increased energy levels.

I believed in this laser protocol before I tried it myself, and now I can say from experience, it really works. Call our office today for your FREE consultation to find out how the 9 treatment Lipo Laser program can help you achieve your better body goals in 2020.

Tred J. Rissacher, DC

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