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An Exclusive Interview with Clear SEM CEO, Jennifer Wiggins

Hi Jennifer, please give us a quick introduction.

I was born in eastern North Carolina. I had a love for business at an early age. When I was in middle school I would buy candy in bulk and then sell it on the school bus ride home. When we had to sell candy/items in school to win a pizza party or prizes I always enjoyed going through my neighborhood and visiting everyone to sell. I think that’s when my life of business really started. I later went on to get my business degree and worked in several positions for multiple companies before starting Clear SEM Solutions with my husband.

When and why did you move to Port St Lucie?

My husband and I moved to Port St. Lucie in early 2011. We had started our business a few years before but we wanted to move somewhere that we could really grow the business and have warm weather all year. After visiting Florida several times we knew it was the right place for us. We found Port St. Lucie by accident but we’re so glad we did.

How do you like living on the Treasure Coast?

I absolutely love it here. The warm is perfect nearly all year and the sunsets are incredible. I enjoy the variety of wildlife and being so close to everything from the beach to Disney. I think my favorite part though is the people and community. I love to network and be in the community and I have met so many amazing people and organizations. We do a lot of charity work and we give back a lot. It is so rewarding.

Please tell us what you love most about what you do.

Literally everything. I love being able to have a team of amazing employees who work hard and can have fun. I love helping other business owners master the world of digital marketing and help grow their businesses. I love to educate! We educate our clients and our community. We do presentations often to help others learn. And my favorite part is that we are able to give back to our community through sponsorships, volunteering, and fundraising.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plan is to continue to grow. We have several things in the works right now but the biggest and most exciting thing that is coming soon will be a division of our company that will help small business owners get trained in digital marketing. We are also in the process of working with the local schools with their students interested in marketing. I am really excited about our future!

Jennifer Wiggins, CEO

Ph: (772) 224-3734 x 1

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