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5 Myths About Belly Fat You Need to Stop Believing

A bulging belly is a common area of concern for most people. So, whenever they come across some diet or fitness trend that promises quick results, most people fall for it. Tall claims like ‘build washboard abs’ and in a month or shed belly fat in a week may seem alluring. But what you need to understand is that these hollow promises hardly bear any fruits. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding weight loss and it is almost impossible to avoid falling for them. Here in this article, we have tried to bust some common myths related to belly fat.

Myth 1: Target weight loss is not possible

No exercise can help you cut down inches for some specific area. You will lose weight slowly from every

area of your body- thighs, arms, belly. Target weight loss is not possible. Exercises like crunches, v-ups do activate the muscle around the belly, but that does not mean you will shed pounds faster.

Myth 2: Belly fat is just like other fat of the body fat

It is common to think that all kinds of fats present in the body are the same, but they are not. The fat

accumulated around the belly area is much more dangerous than the one’s present in other parts of the body. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is accumulated deep under the skin, around the organs and often leads to health issues like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems.

Myth 3: Certain food can melt belly fat

Some people believe that eating foods like capsicum and cayenne pepper can help to melt belly fat faster. However, these are mere claims and do not show any result. There is only a thin chance that it might give a boost to your metabolism, which can accelerate the weight loss process. But won’t help you lose weight specifically from the belly area.

Myth 4: Wearing a waist trainer can be effective

You might come across tons of waist trainer advertisements on television, promising quick results. Let us

inform you that these fancy pieces of equipment do not really work. There is no shortcut to lose belly fat, at least not by wearing waist trainers. For shedding pounds, exercising and diet are must.

Myth 5: Avoiding fatty food will help lose belly fat

Eating fatty foods is not something that leads to a bulging belly in the first place. It is a result of your unhealthy diet, inactivity, sleeping pattern and other lifestyle habits. Only by making changes in every area and practice healthy lifestyle habits you will be able to cut down some inches from your waistline.

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