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30 Day Fall Fitness Challenge: The Ultimate Workout Plan

It’s hard to not get caught up in all the seasonal excitement this time of year. As the temperature cools off and leaves begin to change color, the cozy colors and seasonal treats provide a refreshing change after those hot, summer months. Fall is my favorite time to really focus on my fitness and workout routines.

As a runner, there is nothing more exciting than heading out for the first cool run of the new season. The crisp, dry air is ideal for practically any workout or long run. But fall also brings a new change to many summer workout programs with the completion of goals, leaving us with a sudden lack of structure.

Fall can be the perfect time to begin a new fitness challenge or workout program. With the completion of summer goals and a change in season, it seems like a great time to begin a new 30 day fitness challenge.

This fitness challenge is a fan favorite. Unlike many other workout challenges, this plan is set up to keep you in control and provide flexibility to accommodate other goals and fitness programs.

This fitness challenge is all about working towards the goal of completing a certain amount of exercise – in any capacity. You can continue your training plan, workout program or any sport that you love during this 30 day period.

The goal of the Fall Fitness Challenge is simple: complete 1,000 minutes of exercise in 30 days.

While it is tempting to commit to a 30 day workout challenge that breaks down individual exercises each day, providing yourself with flexibility allows you to take this season to participate in fitness activities that you love.

As the month progresses, you’ll be able to adjust your goals and training plan to accommodate various schedule changes, illness or injury, and unexpected life events.

1,000 minutes might sound simple at first glance, but it actually presents quite a challenge. 1,000 minutes breaks down into 16.67 hours, or 16 hours and 40 minutes. This means that during the Fall Fitness Challenge, the goal is to complete 16 hours and 40 minutes of exercise over a 30 day period.

Breaking it down even further, this works out to 4 hours and 10 minutes of exercise each week.

The best part about this fitness challenge, though, is that this 1,000 minutes can be completed in any way, shape or form. Complete four different 4 hour workouts and you’re already there. Or, break things down evenly to complete five 45 minute workouts each week with a shorter workout on Saturday. Mix things up with a long run to knock out 2 hours for the week, or split things up into two short sessions each day.

If you’re already working towards a goal this fall, such as training for a half marathon or mixing things up with multiple workout challenges, then you likely already have an idea of what types of exercise you’ll use to fill those 1,000 minutes.

But if you’re looking to mix things up over the next 30 days and planning to be more active than usual, here are a few workout ideas to get the ball rolling.

These workouts are broken up depending on length, so you can choose the type of exercise based on how many minutes you are looking to check off your Fall Fitness Challenge goal.

30 Day Fall Fitness Challenge: Workout Ideas

15 Minute (or Less) Workouts

This 10 Minute Morning Workout Routine is a great way to kickstart your day and clock in some exercise before it even begins! In just 10 minutes, you’ll get your heart pumping and leave your muscles burning. This workout is efficient in a short amount of time, and can easily be added to nearly any existing exercise routine.

Bodyweight workouts are a great option for evenings or busy days when you don’t have time to get away. These workouts require no equipment other than your own bodyweight, so you can easily complete them right at home. Try this 15 Minute Strengthening Bodyweight Workout or a Bodyweight Cardio Workout!

If you’re looking to build strength and own your own dumbbells or have time to hit the gym, these simple dumbbell routines are a great option. Check out the At Home Dumbbell Arm Workout or the Dumbbell Shoulder Workout for a bit of strength training each week.

Alphabet Workouts are another great option that can last as long or as short as you’d like. Try spelling out just your name if you’re short on time, or opt for a longer phrase or sentence to really make it last.

30 Minute Workouts

Recovery Yoga is great for those rest days or days after long runs to help alleviate lingering muscle tension and really loosen things up. This yoga routine is a great option for days after hard workouts when your body is craving a break from the intensity.

Every athlete can benefit from a regular, Full Body Strength Training Workout! These strength training exercises are essential for all athletes, especially runners, and target the entire body. You’ll stay strong everywhere, from your calves and ankles to your shoulders and chest.

When you’re looking for a really sweaty workout challenge to burn some calories and increase your heart rate, HIIT workouts are the way to go. Try this HIIT Workout Challenge or Cross Training Challenge to really make your muscles burn and get the most out of every minute!

Who doesn’t love a good ab workout? Or core is central to our entire body, providing strength and power in just about every activity we do. Try this 30 Minute Core Workout or Tabata Workout Challenge to drastically increase your core strength.

45+ Minute Workouts

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with different forms of cardio and cross training. This 45 Minute Spin Workout is a great way to increase your heart rate without the constant pounding and impact of running.

Another great cardio option is the elliptical! Mix things up this season with a great Elliptical Interval Workout to target different leg muscles and keep your heart rate elevated for maximum calorie burn.

Fall running season has to be one of the best. The temperatures are perfect to complete those really hard workouts without overheating or needing extra walk breaks. Check out these running speed workouts to enhance your training plan: The Ultimate 400 Meter Interval Run, Tabata Running Workout, and Running Hill Workouts.

This Fall Fitness Challenge is a perfect way to start the new season off strong! Incorporate your regular training into the challenge or ramp up your activity to accomplish new goals as the seasons begin to change.

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